Online gaming in china is one of the largest and swiftest growing online business industries in the world. This country has the largest online user base in the world, of which 2/3 rd is engage in online game play. The average online gamer in chine is relatively young and has at least completed a secondary level of education.  Most the player lives in the larger city areas.  Online games in china fall into two primary categories: MMORPGs and MOCGs. The first one enables hundreds and thousands of players to play and interact online.  The second one is a generic term for games played online, for example games like Ma jiang or online card games etc.

Chinese gamers are mostly male living in the city area. The average age of them is from 18 to 30 years. The increase of China online gaming market can be ascribed to the subsequent reasons. First of all, the ever-increasing using of visual fiber network and 4G mobile network laid firm hardware foundation for the expansion of online gaming. Secondly, with the development of people’s existing in China, they have escalating requirement for amusement. What are more, innovative business approach and procedure modes gets more opportunity to the online gaming industry. In the intervening time, their population bonus is slowly but surely fading and online gaming profits expansion will little by little slow down. It is predictable that the market will come into the steady growth stage in 2020.

The good news for the online gamers in china is that all of these developments are indicating towards two results: one is the opportunity to get more and more developed games for them, what they want. And the second reason is they will get more and more options to choose from.

The mobile games segment has been stalking an increasing significant claim on the overall digital games market in china for several years. While online PC gaming is still the undisputed giant of the industry. Reports says that mobile games now account for nearly 40% of the country’s total digital games revenue.